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Something I have always loved is imperfections.  Sure there is something about a perfect picture or scene, but what about being human and messing up and the moments that aren't just planned? Those are my favorite.
Last Tuesday sitting in my cubicle, I came up with the idea of having these hilarious photos put out into my favorite social media world: Instagram.  

If you are following me on Instagram (@alwaysablogsmaid) - you know I like to post at least once a day.  If you would like to join in on the fun, please use the hashtag #christmascardbloopers2013 under any photo you find hilarious. 
 I will promise to check the entire month of December.
So in honor of something I love, here is the 2013 annual Christmas card bloopers (and of course a few you will see again)….

Save the date, y'all.


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