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Five for Friday.

{Annual Hi-Stepper Dinner at Keifer's Greek Restaurant} 

{A foreshadowing to a giveaway next week - Eek!} 

{My new favorite quote/picture on Pinterest}

{My one hour at Danielle's baby shower last Saturday before I went to see……JOHN MAYER IN NOLA}

{This girl was on the floor and when the giraffe sat down in front of me - I could see him clearly.
Even without my glasses, y'all} 


This week was one of just goodness.
I got my nails done, had a wonderful time with my Hi-Stepper girls and now I am broke thanks to Target.

After work, I am headed to Tupelo to celebrate Natalie's FIRST birthday….
She is already one? Where did the time go?

Hope you have a fabulous weekend! Thanks for reading! :) 

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