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How I remember EVERY year: Part two

Peach State of Mind


April was another month of Birthdays: Jeremy, Kara, Kristin and Kristen.
I attended a zombie party after never watching the Walking Dead. 
Brailyn played softball and I attended a couple games.

I also worked out some more: both physically and spiritually. 
Met Brittany through Overcome the Lie challenge.


My birthday month. I love this month. 

Brooke started my day off with a chocolate cupcake. Same thing I ate when I turned 1.

I received so much love and I can't thank my friends enough for all they did for me that month. 

My birthday gift from Shae, my birthday twin. 

And of course you know I went to my happy place:  Nola.
Ghosts, Bourbon Street, and swimming pools.


The month of June was all about remembering where I've been and being present in the new.
New blogger girls filled my blog with their sweet posts and I met Lauren one weekend in Oxford.
A college friend got married.
My sister and cupit got ENGAGED.

Such a sweet, sweet month.

I fought a lot of demons in June but I think it set me up for an even better second half of 2013.

Can't wait to show more of my year next week. 

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  1. I am so glad that we got to meet in MY favorite place!

    Merry Christmas!


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