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How I remember what I do EVERY year.

Recently, a few of my blogger girls have been posting a particular link-up.  I hardly ever do link-up's cause I really don't know how they work (not that blogger smart) but this one seems to be right up my alley.  

For the past couple Decembers, I have done a recap of something important that stuck out to me every month of that year to remember that I didn't completely waste 2000whateveryear.
Once I saw Lauren's post and how she broke it down into three month segments - I decided that I needed to do the same thing.  
I love this idea and I hope to learn more about the girls behind this blogger link-up as well.  I love finding new blogs - even though I am blocked from them at work. Boo.

Peach State of Mind

So here is how my 2013 year started…


I rang in the New Year with my best girls in Memphis, Tennessee.
At the Peabody. Dressed in sparkles.
I even had my first NYE kiss EVER by an Iowa boy who made me smile.

The rest of the weekends in January was spent celebrating Brooke's birthday.
The birthday girl adding another tattoo, dressing up as a Saved by the Bell extra, and our annual trips to Nola.

Yes…...January was a really good month. 
Plenty of fun to start off 2013.


February was all about the F's: Football, friends and (losing) Fat.

I really began to see changes in my body from all my time spent in the gym, had a fabulous Anti-Valentine's day with Brooke & Kara, and spent more time with Brailyn and our first time at the Rodeo.


March was a month of happiness. 

Spending time with a 3 month old, traveling to Memphis for one night for free to hang out with some of my bests.  More weight loss and keeping the tradition of making Brailyn an Easter basket.

Oh yeah and Nicole got MARRIED!! 

I know I am already a week behind, but I cannot wait to post the next three months tomorrow.
Better late than never. ;) 


  1. I am so glad you were able to link-up with us! Looks like an awesome start to your year! I need your weight loss motivation - that is awesome! Can't wait to see ya this Thursday! :)

  2. This is such a fun link up! Your weight loss is inspiring!


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