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SO many reasons to celebrate.

A part of me was really close to writing another "I failed at a goal" post.  
Considering the fact that I am not running a half marathon this weekend. 
In Memphis. For St. Jude. 
Even though I raised $500 dollars for them.
Last night, as I was trying on my bridesmaid's dress for one of the three weddings I am in next year, I got a call from my best asking what I was doing Saturday.  Instead of thinking of failure, I said "just a baby shower that morning, why whats up" and she proceeds to tell me how I am now her number 1 person to go with her to the John Mayer concert in Nola.  

How could I turn that down? I can't.  

(Any new people here, please note that I love New Orleans; 
specifically the french quarter area).  

(1) And guess what - there is not one hotel room open anywhere.  So thankfully we are staying across the bridge at her uncle's house.  I am so excited y'all.  
I love me some John Mayer on my Iphone so I can't wait to hear him live.
There are so many reasons to celebrate this season: 
good health, family, friends, and faith in Jesus.  
I just hope I never forget that.  

(2) I met a cute, sweet man who is currenly planning things for us in the future (psst: now I have to find a NYE outfit: blogger girls HELP!).  My job is slow and steady and we are currently packing scarves, blankets, gloves and socks to give to the local homeless during this crazy Mississippi Winter.
(3) I actually know the two girls in my Cara box project.  
Such a sweet time to rekindle friendships with those girls. 

(4) Birthday parties to celebrate two of the most precious little girls with their mothers (pictured above) I have ever had the pleasure of getting to know are the next two weekends.

(5) And some blogger girls will be helping me with a project that I thought up the other day. 


Stay tuned…

BIG reveal Monday! 


  1. Can't wait to hear what it is! A cute guy comment.. Makes me happy! :)

  2. NYE = Black and/or Sparkles! Since you're celebrating with a new man... nude lips. I suggest a lip plumper with tingle that way he can't forget your kiss for the rest of the night! ;)


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