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Bachelorette on Bourbon.

This past Saturday was Cupit's Bachelorette Party in Nola.
A.k.a my favorite weekend all year, so far.

Caught the bride in action.

We made our way to New Orleans around 10:30 Saturday morning and started our day off with Mexican food and talk of Hustler shops and how everyone else met their husbands.

After lunch we made our way to the hotel to check in and spend the day shopping and beignets.

After we were shopped out and really wanted to get in those comfy Marriot beds for the rest of the night, we forced ourselves to get ready for the night.

After the lingerie shower and our "festive" drinks we made our way out to eat dinner and dance the night away on Bourbon Street.

It was the BEST night.
I literally cried I was laughing so hard.

I made plenty of memories with the bride and I can't wait to see her and all her bridesmaids in March.


And a special shout out to my driver for the weekend: 

This girl has always been able to make me look good.
Even back at our Southern Miss days, the girl can tease some hair.

Us - circa 2008.  

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