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Friday's FOUR.

This work week was cut super short due to a day and a half of "snow days" - which I am totally not complaining about. I blinked and it's already the weekend again.

Here is what I'm loving this week: 

1.  Meeting Taylor Ray on Wednesday; his first official day on Earth.

2.   This picture from Bridget's October Wedding may be my favorite. Ever.

3.  My two 5:30 am workouts this week with my bff, Brooke.  Next week we are trying for all three days - this week was all screwed up due to the aforementioned snowstorm. 

4.  Selfies with my best friend while jamming out to Sean Paul. 
 I don't think I will ever figure out what that man is saying.   


  1. I love the wedding photo - I need to remember to do that with my wedding clients :)

  2. I'm praying for a snow day tomorrow! Pray with me please! ;)


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