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Getting off the couch.

Fit + Fab

Last week, I mentioned how I just got back into the gym and I tend to take pictures of myself and watch my favorite show ever on the bike, Parks and Recreation

I have come to find out that exercise is what makes me happy.  
Truly, it is.  
Last wednesday night after work, I felt like poo but I went to gym anyway.  
I walked in and started off on the elliptical for 15 minutes to just get my heart rate up a bit.  Got off the elliptical and went over to the weights section.  Did weighted squats with a barbell, got on the weighted machine to push my legs at 45 lbs, and then did some standing calf raises with the barbell on my shoulders.  I then proceeded to the bike and rode for 45 minutes, which in bike minutes = 17 miles!
So needless to say, before I got home I was happy, non-stop talking and a little shaky.  Muscles were definitely pressed passed the usual cubicle chair/couch sitdown (non)workout so…...it was a really good night. 
This week my focus is on my lung/breathing endurance.  

Waist is large and I need to be in charge.

I have re-downloaded c25k and will begin the 3 day a week workout.  My bff, Brooke, signed up for her Anytime Fitness membership again so we are going to go on MWF mornings at like 5:30 am.  
I am not a huge people person so when I see how many cars are at the gym on Monday's - I tend to just not go.  Monday mornings at the crack of dawn should be much better.  

Plus I read somewhere that if you don't change something, you will never see any changes.  
Here is to maybe becoming a morning person - ha, doubt it.

Any changes you are making this week?


  1. proud of you! getting up and working out in the morning is HARD but I always feel so much better after! It's nice to have a motivational workout buddy too!


  2. I need to get to the gym to be fit and get healthy (so don't need to lose weight, not in that category) BUT you motivate me and I will plan to tomorrow and follow through!

  3. Good for you!!!
    I am changing my cheating ways on MyFitnessPal. I tend to not enter the food I don't want to. Did ALL my food yesterday - no wonder I'm not loosing weight.
    Need to be honest ... which sucks.


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