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My word for 2014 is…..


According to OxfordDictionaries.com, this is what Cherish is definied as: 
Protect and care for someone lovingly; hold (something) dear; keep (a hope or ambition) in one's mind.

2014 is going to be a busy year.  I am a bridesmaid and/or maid of honor in 3 weddings so far.  Along with weddings, comes bridal showers, lunches, and my favorite: bachelorette parties.  I want to be able to slow down enough through the hustle and bustle to really cherish each and every situation. 

When I am not preparing to walk down an aisle for someone else, I will have plenty of road trips by myself or with someone else.   And don't even get me started on birthdays that just so happen to start next weekend.  I have so many experiences to cherish and I need to figure out a few ways to do that. 

One way I plan to do that is to limit my social media time.  If I am always looking down at my smartphone, I'm never gonna be able to cherish what is going on in real life around me.  

Social media isn't going anywhere so checking instagram every 10 minutes is kinda ridiculous.  One way I can do this is: no social media after 9 pm.  

I have also made a decision to not pulling my phone out whenever I am at dinner with someone, doesn't matter who it is. 

Some moments I've already cherished the last few days of 2013: 

Christmas Eve lunch with my bestie, Nicole

My first kiss ever under Mistletoe

Dressing up as a man for Aubree's 16th Birthday (Harry Potter Mystery Dinner)

Christmas Light lookin' with my best girls 

A weekend trip to the beach. 

Helping me aka scaring me as she puts a hat on me with the rubber band thing that could kill me.

Me and my best friend.

Probably the best guy ever. at 4 months old.

What is your word for 2014? 

1 comment:

  1. What a sweet word... something we all need to do!

    My word for the year - renew! My waist line needs to be renewed after Christmas! :)


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