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Bachelorette Prep.

This past September, I had the opportunity to throw one of my best friends a bachelorette bash at the beach. 

I am so glad that she allowed me to find the condo and surprise her with a sash.  
It was a little rushed to put together, but we ended up having the best time. 

I am now getting that opportunity again next month for my little sister. 
To say that this bachelorette planning is different than the beach bash is obvious….. because we are headed to my favorite spot: 


How I am staying ahead of the game this time:

1.  Book the hotel at least 2 months in advance.
Once I knew when the Bride wanted to go, I went ahead and started looking at hotels.  The weekend we wanted every hotel was booked due to it being the weekend of Spring Break.  I changed the search to earlier that week and we will now be spending One Night in Nola on a Tuesday.  

Which is, if you ask me, plenty of enough time to get your Bourbon Street Bachelorette on and then get on out of there. 
Plus, it is ALWAYS a party in New Orleans - Tuesday, Saturday, doesn't matter.

2.  Order "extras" at least a month before the bachelorette month.
I have been researching and surfing the web for the best deals when it comes to the bachelorette swag gifts.***

I haven't found a better deal than on www.bachelorettesuperstore.com for all of the wearables for the Bride.  If you want a little more variety than just your party stores and don't want to pay an outrageous amount - this is the place to go.  I have been spreading out the orders and making sure I have left enough time to get everything shipped to me before March.  
***Bachelorette swag gifts are my gifts to the girls that are attending the bash PLUS the Bride, of course.  I have been ordering things here and there and I cannot wait to show y'all the final results next month!

3.  Do not feel bad asking the bridal party to help you with a surprise. 
If you have an idea of something "extra" you want to give the Bride, feel free to text/facebook message the other bridesmaids and ask if they would like to help.  
They will more than likely love too!

4.  Ask the bride if she wants to add lingerie to the bachelorette party or have it done separately.
Typically, you bring lingerie to the bachelorette party.  However, there are some cases (like ours) where one bridesmaid cannot attend the bachelorette party due to work constraints and wants to throw the bride a lingerie shower closer to wedding time. 

Which is perfectly fine with everyone - alleviates a little financial stress that could have occured and now everyone can just focus on having fun and celebrate again later this year.
Win - win.

5.  Bring some type of dessert/drink to the hotel suite(s). 
We have one suite at our hotel for all of us girls to fit into.  Besides sitting around looking at each other in close quarters, I plan on bringing cupcakes, brownies, chips and drinks.  Alcohol, orange juice and cranberry juice should help get us ready for the nightlife. 

6.  Remember to have fun.
Sometimes I get overly excited about celebrations and tend to overthink/overspend.  Remember that you don't need the pinata or a cake from a bakery chef to have the best bachelorette trip.  Bring your flats, a toothbrush and your smile/easygoing attitude.  That's probably all your gonna need for a girls night out with your Bride anyway!

If you were a bridesmaid or bachelorette trip planner, 
any key points I left out?

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