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Friday's Four.

This week's weather was gloomy and my attitude correlated with it.
However, my manicure with a hot pink accent nail helped me feel a little brighter.

1.  Pink is definitely my color.

2.  A little selfie time during the SuperBORINGbowl.

3.  A pageant winner and roses as big as her.

4. Receiving a picture of my friend's baby girl smiling at 2:45 am……
which also made me smile.

This weekend will be spent at the March Bride's bridal shower and then a night of fun with my best guys.

I hope you all have a wonderful, gloom-FREE weekend!


  1. Oh yes, pink IS your color! I love that picture! Too darn cute. And that baby smile... I've never seen anything so adorably sweet!

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  3. OK - I may have to do my nails like that next go around. Cute!


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