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What I should ALWAYS remember.

Sometimes, I get sad at night.  When I get sad, I get on Pinterest.  

I search quotes for one that I can deeply feel in that moment.  The other night, I was feeling that way and found a quote that resonated with me in that moment:

When I woke up the next morning, b_blove had left me this:  

Your worth is not validated or invalidated by a relationship, or lack of one.
I can't even begin to describe how that one sentence snapped me out of my "woe is me - I don't have a boyfriend" feeling and began to make me smile.  

I'm not sure if that was her intention, 
but I am so thankful she slapped me out of my sadness through Instagram. 


  1. Therapy via internet... gotta love it!

    & I agree with the post AND the comment by your friend :)

  2. it's so true. your worth is not defined by external things!

  3. I LOVE that quote! Girl, our men have to be out there somewhere, right? We are just fine without them right now!


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