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Friday's Four

This past week has been about resting and re-grouping since wedding season has begun.
I am currently trying to eat cleaner foods, begin a new workout routine - 
I even hired a personal online coach.

Things are starting to change around here and I am looking forward to them

This weekend is a bridal shower for the April Bride.
And of course, another wedding, for a family friend. 
Do you expect anything less from my weekends now? I surely don't. 

Enjoy your weekend, y'all. 

Before look at the Bachelorette party.
You don't want to see the after.

Already missing this sweet flower girl.

New workout gear from St. Jude.

Putting the "thank you" from St. Jude to good use. 


  1. Way to go on your working out! I'm trying to get motivated and back in gear, but I'm having a hard time!


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