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#NikkisBigEasyBach Nightlife

New Orleans nightlife is always an interesting event.
Bourbon Street makes me giddy and I am carefree when I walk down that road.

For dinner, I made a reservation at Channing Tatum's restaurant at 7:30.

A picture of the ceiling

Everyone loved their food and the Bride got a free shot.  

Mardi Gras cleaned out their "party bags" so the BRIDE didn't get one of those.
Oh well, we still had a great time and may possibly be on a part of the new reality show they were filming upstairs. 

The waiter told us to watch for it on A&E.
We sure will. 


I love everything about the French Quarter area of Nola during the day,
but when the sun goes down - I'm ready to get down with my dance moves.

So was Enrique….

Enrique was a big hit. 
Everyone wanted a picture with him.

The whole night we were laughing and dancing and waiting around in the street so other people could take photos with Enrique.

We bar hopped, danced and even sang Karaoke at Cat's Meow.
After a very unique experience for the bride, we went back out dancing. 

My only regret is that Enrique didn't get to come back to the hotel with us.
He died at Razoo's.

Someone poked the tiniest hole in him and he deflated right before our eyes. 
We did have some great times with him and he was the life of the party.

Everyone needs an Enrique in their life at a bachelorette party. 

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