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A day after the first wedding of the season,
It was time for another big event:

My sister's Bachelorette Party in New Orleans, LA. 


My sister's bachelorette party was all my planning.
I knew she wanted to go to New Orleans and I knew exactly what I wanted to do to celebrate her "last fling before the ring." 

I ordered personalized tumblers on Etsy for each person that was scheduled to go; 
even though 3 people couldn't make it - we still had a great time.

Looking back, I am not sure how we would have fit 3 more people into the executive suite at the Hyatt Regency.  The room was a bit on the small side.

Opening their bachelorette swag bags 

Not sure what's going on here. 

After the girls opened their bags, it was time for the Bride to open the gift that everyone had helped me work on: Her Bride Book.

The front has a picture of her at 5 years old.
Underneath it I wrote: 

Becoming Mrs. Stevenson…
One white dress at a time. 

The book included all of her bridesmaids writing paragraphs about their friendship and the wishes they had for her as a wife.  They also included pictures of themselves with the Bride over the years.
I had such a great time putting the book together for her.
So glad I could keep ONE thing a surprise!! 


After we opened up all our gifts and realized we didn't pack the plates, silverware and napkins, 
we decided to eat the cake Kara made for Nikki with our hands.

Because, you just have to eat cake.

I would keep talking about our day, but our stripper (aka Flynn Ryder) wants to get some rest…
Come back tomorrow for the nightlife of #NikkisBigEasyBach. 

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