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April Goals.

I don't know about you but March went by way too fast.  
I feel like yesterday I was waiting on Cupit's wedding day to arrive and now…
she has been a newlywed for almost a month now! Crazy.

I've never made specific goals for the month, but it's something I've been wanting to try. 
So here goes nothing...

1. Completely give up sodas. 
That means you, my beloved, Dr. Pepper.

2. Surprise a blog friend that I have never met in real life (& blog about it!)

3.  Take more time for others, instead of myself.  
(This will be a work in progress.)

4.  Check in with all my besties once a week.  
I tend to go a few weeks without checking in and that is un-acceptable.

5.  Cut social media off after 9pm and do my devotional time. 

6.  No fries -  unless they are made from sweet potatoes.

7.  I also have a new fitness challenge.  Please join if you want to! 

Okay, so that's my list.  
I'm human so I will probably fail at least one of these, but I'm going to try. 

1 comment:

  1. No fries needs to be mine! I'm afraid I might die though!


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