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I didn't know that when you buy the iPhone 5c,
that the "c" stands for "can't buy a cute case."
(I'm looking at you, Tory Burch) 

So I have been on the hunt for a perfect case for a while now.
And guess what? I finally found one! 

Enter the winner: 


And here is my case: 

If you want to get a fabulous, personalized case for $34.95 PLUS FREE SHIPPING, 
I suggest you go to this website asap.

Use this link and get $5.00 off your entire order so it will be less than $34.95 - bam.

You can either download the free app to your phone like I did,
or on any computer or iPad.  It's so easy and nobody will have a case like yours.


**I did not get any money for this post.  I paid my $34.95 and would do it all again in a heartbeat.
I actually probably will real soon since I obviously take a lot of selfies.***

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