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The GREENE Wedding

I noticed that there are a few new faces around this blog due to Brittany's giveaway, so I thought I would recap my weekend which stems from the reason I created this blog in the first place. 

I created my blog 4 years ago to document my life.  
Back then I was single and guess what? I still am.  

This blog is a play on the quote: Always a Bridesmaid, Never a Bride.
I have been asked to be a bridesmaid 4 times this year. 
The first wedding recap of this year, you can click here.


This weekend was Wedding #2: 
The Greene Wedding

This was Trisha and I on Bridget's Wedding day at the Castle > 6 months ago.

Friday night rehearsal 6 months later for Trisha's Wedding.

Somehow, I clean up really good. 

She's ready! 

Our Hi-Stepper Momma - LOVE this woman.

We wouldn't be friends without our years at Hinds.
I cherish those years and these girls so much.

Trisha and Michael's wedding was beautiful.
Her outside ceremony had no rain and no wasps flew around me,
so it was definitely a win-win.

The newlyweds were headed on their cruise docking out of New Orleans Sunday, I will be in New Orleans when they return.

Who wouldn't want to see me the minute they get home from their honeymoon?

Don't answer that. 


  1. Love the green dresses! You look beautiful Cassie!

  2. Did you do the contouring all on your own? I've been trying to do it and I end up looking ridiculous! You look so pretty!


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