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Weekend Recap

Since yesterday was a holiday for me at work, 
I am bringing you my weekend recap on a Tuesday. 

This weekend was another one for the books.
Kara turned 21 Saturday. 

Even though she has been getting into the bars on Bourbon for years,
this time was completely different.  

We had a blow up doll, cousin to Enrique from last month, named Carlos.
He was a big hit.  I think it's the psychology part of me that gets a real good chuckle from seeing random people's reactions.  

It's like nobody had ever seen a blow up doll before. 
Of all the things on Bourbon street to get a weird look at? Please. 

We ate at Cafe du Monde Sunday night, went on a True Crimes Tour, visited Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville for some appetizers, and relaxed on the rooftop pool at the Sheraton.  The weather could not have been more perfect. 

I say perfect because I came home Monday and had to hide in my father's closet due to a tornado,  but it passed over very quickly and everyone I know is fine.  Thankful for God's grace and provisions, no matter what town I'm in. 

Her cake Friday night 

Yeah, I snapchat

pure happiness.

Sunday Morninggg.

What up girl? 

Turn down for what? 

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