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Class of 2014: Part Two

Friday afternoon was another graduation celebration.

BrailynBelle fake-graduated from daycare. 
The next time she goes to school, she will be a Kindergartener. 
that is just cray to me.

Her 'nana' bought her a cap and tassel and borrowed a gown, 
so we had a little photoshoot in their front yard before we went to dinner. 
Typical thing to do, right? 

All she wanted for her 'graduation' was an ice cream cake. 
I don't think I'll ever forget how she looked at me and said, 
'thank you soooooo much." 

But you know it isn't a celebration for Brailyn unless I go all out. 
Graduation gifts for Bray included…

Too cool for school sunglasses, ring pops aka class rings and a bucket full of goodies. 

Just an old photo with her "certificate" 

I also got her a card and she told me again….
"Aunt Cassie, I can't read." 

So I read it to her. 

Aunt Cassie, 
Can I get my purse in order before you snap pics?  Guess not.  

Are you sad graduation posts are over? 
I am too. 

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