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I have noticed a few things about myself lately and one of those is: 
my body needs yoga.

Working a desk job all day and finding things to do keeps me up and going; 
consequently, I don't take the time to get "in tune" with myself. 

Yoga has taught me to: stay in the moment, breathe more deeply, love my body for what it is, and take time to relax.

After all the sun salutations and downward facing dogs - my hands/wrists are hurting, 
but my soul isn't.  I don't practice enough, but I feel better after each session I go to.

It releases me of any worries that I may have that day and helps me to center myself back to where I should be.

I will admit that my favorite part is when I get to lay down at the end for 5 minutes,
but I truly do enjoy the yoga session…...after it is over.  

It makes me realize that I need to slow down and pay more attention to my body.  Isn't that always the case though?  We rush around everywhere all day and hardly ever take time for ourselves.  Take time for yourself in a way that helps you relax - the way I do that is beginner yoga.  

Begin yoga and end happy. 

Do you practice yoga? 

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  1. Wish we could take a yoga class together! I really like yoga, but don't do it enough!


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