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Can't Shake It

Social Media sure does have a place in the world. 

If I didn't have Facebook, I wouldn't have known that the one guy I was 'talking' to gave someone else a ring.  Not an engagement one, just a ring with a cross on it.  

I prayed the other night that if God didn't think that this current situation was going to happen for me, 
to take it away.  Today, I got my answer. 

After 5 years, I still can't shake the feeling that I may just be single forever.


  1. God has that perfect person for you out there! Don't be discouraged, he will find you! :) I believe that! Hugs!

  2. I'm just one of your random followers that you don't know, but I couldn't exit without commenting. I'm in the same place you are on this and it sure stinks. However, I always say I have enough trouble of my own without allowing someone to make more for me by doing things like that.

    I do my best to keep the faith that God has more plans for me than old spinster lady. It's hard, especially when you feel like everyone around you is finding their someone and you keep meeting....well, you know the type. :-)

    Hang in there! You aren't alone!!

  3. Sister friend.. I'm right there with you! When will our guy come? But.. I have complete faith that God has a beautiful plan!

    Let's believe together.

  4. I used to call myself the "good luck chuck of women" Every guy I dated even if it was for a week, the next girl he dated..BOOM engaged! That was for about three years. I promise..it's worth the wait!


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