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The Second Half

The second half of 2014 has started.   

Today consisted of church service, my sister's FIRST bridal shower and then a birthday celebration for a friend's step-dad.

My sister had a wonderful shower at our church….
and I had a great time being by her side.  

 She received LOTS of presents but I know she was just happy to see many familiar faces.

All the women that came have been a part of our family for years.
I am so glad wedding season is back up for round 3. 

How did you spend your FIRST day of the SECOND half of the year? 


  1. Y'all look so happy! When is her big day? I know you can't wait for ANOTHER wedding! I was in one this weekend and I'm exhausted!

  2. I love the dress you are wearing. Care to share where it is from?

  3. I love weddings so much! You look great! I spent my Sunday at a Brad Paisley concert :)


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