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238 years

This 4th of July equaled 238 years that we have been free; free from another country's control over us.  Thankful for our Founding Fathers and all the soldiers who have kept us free. 

I spent the holiday weekend on Smith Lake in Alabama with 9 friends in a 3 story lake house. It was amazing and all I hoped it would be.  

I went kayaking for the first time and then did it again the next day.  I spent an entire day on a pontoon boat just checking out the gorgeous views.  God knew exactly what I needed and made sure the weather stayed perfect. 

Breakfasts and dinners were spent on the top deck and there was a bit of the chill in the air; hardly any humidity.  

I read Gone Girl in the shade of the boat dock for a few hours and although I didn't finish it (yet) I made a big dent.  I should have it finished by….tomorrow. 

No blog post is complete without photos, so without further ado:


  1. SO cute! I love the pictures! I am jelly you went kayaking! That sounds so awesome I want to try it.

  2. Looks like a lot of fun! I always love going to the lake!

  3. Love the picture of y'all in the floats! That's a framer for sure!!

  4. I absolutely love lakes! I spent the 4th on Lake Erie in Ohio! There is something just so relaxing about being on the lake!


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