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Book Club

I love reading books.
Okay, that is a lie.
I love reading books that keep me interested and don't want to put them down.
Yes, now that is a fact.
Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn was that kind of book for me.....once I was halfway through it.  The only reason I stuck with it was because my friend, Nicole, wanted me to read it so we could talk about it.  I love doing things for my friends. :)
Don't get it twisted: I loved this book.  I loved the Amy's chapters WAY more than Nick's (in the beginning).  But once you reach a certain part of the book, your ENTIRE outlook on both characters change.  I recommend this book for the main reason that you will feel all types of emotions: strongly dislike, care for, love, hate, feel scared, utter shock, jaw drop, etc. 
If you want to read a book that makes you go on an emotional roller coaster, this book is for you.  I ordered it off Amazon and read it in less than a week.  Most of the time I spent at the lake was with my head in this book. 
Nick is the serious character who doesn't know how to let loose. Amy is the funny one, in my opinion.  If  you don't believe me, read the last two lines:
So if you find this and I'm dead, well...
Sorry, that's not funny.
This book makes you feel so many things and goes on all types of twists and turns. 
I am glad I was a part of Flynn's roller coaster.
Have you read this book?
If you want to become a part of my book club, just comment below if you have read this book.  If you have a post you wrote about it, please share the link in the comment section as well!



  1. This book really kept my interest with all the twists and turns! I can't wait for the movie to come out for comparison.

  2. OMG YES! This book was G R E A T !! I can't wait for the movie to come out.
    Thanks for linking up!


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