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DIY Airplane Ticket

I bet you are wondering if someone has hacked my blog: Cassie doing a DIY? 
Tis true my friends, it's my very first DIY.

Last week, one of my coworkers told me her idea for throwing one of her friends a bachelorette party.  However, the bride doesn't know she is going anywhere.  
The bride thinks it's a staycation, of sorts

So when she gave me the idea of "a ticket, like train or airplane" I knew what I had to do:
Search Google images for fake airline tickets.  

Once I got an idea in my head, I clicked on Microsoft Word and got to town.  
It just takes a little bit of text boxes and a lot of patience to get it where you wanted.  

So this my friends is the final result:

Since I work in a cubicle for the government and can't get super creative (or print in color), this is the best I could do with my version of Microsoft Word.  

I am not gonna start selling this exquisite item on Etsy, but if you are a bridesmaid/wedding party member that wants to surprise the bride in your life,
this will be a wonderful surprise.  

Your computer and I have faith in you. 


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