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Today is my first day truly talking about this Bible Study.  I have to admit, I have been behind where I should be in this study and I often "catch up" reading 3 or 4 days in one sitting. 

I didn't know where I wanted to start this blog post from so I am so glad Rachel wrote a few questions for us to answer. 

What has the Lord shown you this week?

This week the Lord has shown me obedience.  Really diving into Abraham taking his son, his ONLY son, up to be sacrificed really showed me that I do not have that kind of faith.  Would I have been willing to kill my only child for the Lord back then?  That is not something I can fully answer, but I know I NEED to have a faith like Abraham.  God is the ONE who has made sure I am provided for; why am I not obeying him?  I would rather do things my own way and the Lord is showing me this week that: "Cassie, that ain't the way it's done around here."  I have to be less, so he can become MORE.  That is what the Lord has shown me this week.

What parts stood out to you the most?

Definitely the story of Abraham and how we spent a couple days on that chapter in Genesis.  I loved how Kay told us to reread the chapter again and think of Jesus' crucifixion instead of Abraham and it made so much sense, y'all.  As Rachel explained, it was 'ironic' for the chapter to be so exact on what happened later on in the New Testament.  God sent his ONLY son as well to be sacrificed for us.  It stood out to me because some days I would rather sleep in than attend church and how selfish is that?  How worldly is my view of life?  I have been pushed this week to remember it's not about me.  I tend to forget that.

Have you found the book challenging?

Honestly, YES I have.  I found day 13, I believe, to be the most challenging.  It was a day when Kay wanted us to pick out the responsibilities of certain verses in Psalms.  I will be transparent here when I say that I left a lot of them blank.  I don't know if my cubicle life is making me dumb, but I could not figure out for the life of me what those bible verses meant or how I could translate that into my life and pick out the 'responsibilities.'  I am going to try and go back and really pray and dig deeper, but right now those pages are empty.

Thank you Rachel for guiding me with questions to answer what I have learned/what God has shown me I need to work on this week.  So thankful for you and Nicole for heading up this study.  I am grateful to be a part of it.


  1. I just love that you're doing this with us! I've found some of the days really challenging, too. She seems kind of over my head sometimes, but it just pushes me to look up words, dig deeper into stories, etc.

    I really love that most of us got stuck on the word obedience...I think God is teaching us a lot through this. I think He convicts each of us on different levels, but I know in my life, I'm not perfect and have a long way to go!

    "I have to be less, so He can become more." LOVE. One of my favorite thoughts/quotes ever. That's pretty much the bottom line of it :)

  2. I just found you through Rachel Rewritten here. Fellow Mississippi girl here.


  3. This book has been so challenging for me, too. I’ve never done a study quite like this so don’t feel alone in your blank answers. :) But, the Lord is still teaching us through it so PRAISE for that. So thankful.


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