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Bridal Showers > Selfies

This past Sunday was another wedding related activity:
The Second Bridal Shower

Specifically my sister's second bridal shower at her groom's church;
that the groom could not attend due to being on a boat in the middle of a river working.

He created a video for all the hostesses/people who were coming to the shower thanking them and showing off his tankerman outfit.   He ended the video with "love you babe..."
Everyone looked around and ended up laughing….that could have been awkward. 

My sister was unsure of how the shower would go and wanted our parents (dad, included) and myself by her side.  The ladies who hosted this shower could not have been sweeter.  According to the groom's mom, each one of the ladies that came to the shower had a part in helping Grant become the man he is today.  We joked around that 'they worked hard then."

My job is to take down all of the names/gifts during the semi awkward part of opening gifts.  I am so grateful to be beside her during this special time in her life. She has trouble opening boxes with a bunch of tape on them and it makes me giggle each time.  Good job, Belk.

However, bridal showers aren't just for selfies.

They are a time to celebrate someone starting a new life with someone else.
It isn't about you (something I'm learning the hard way).
Our lives are not about US - they are about spreading love to everyone as Jesus would have us do.

But let's get serious for a moment: if my hair looks amazing, I'm going to take a selfie.

That's like an unwritten @alwaysablogsmaid rule.

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  1. hahaha totally valid, your hair did look amazing!

    (and yes, I'm crazy behind on my blog reading oops!)


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