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Love, Your Bridesmaid [a Link-up]

It's no surprise by now that I am a bridesmaid. 

It's a play on my blog name and its just a part of my life. 
I am becoming acquaintances with David's Bridal consultants and slowing watching the dwindling down of my bank account.  Surprisingly, I've never really sat down and written about what I love(d) most about standing next to my brides on their big day. 

So, I am making this a link-up because I am pretty sure every person reading this has been a bridesmaid at some point in their lives and I would love to read about YOUR experience(s). 

There are things people love about all weddings,
but here are my specific loves:
1. Getting ready with the Bride and all her close girls. 
It also helps when those girls are also some of your close friends (like in the picture above).  It's typically a day of lounging around, putting on makeup and eating little bites of sandwiches and fruit.  What better way to spend a Saturday right?

2. Stealing a glance at the groom as everyone stands.
The minute everyone stands you know the bride is coming in.  At the very beginning when the song starts and the door opens, I look over at the groom to see his reaction.  Even if I know they had "first look" pictures done, I am always sweetly surprised at how they still smile at their bride walking down the aisle towards us.

3. Trying a piece of each cake.
I typically go for the groom's cake, if I'm being honest.  The groom's cake is typically chocolate at the receptions I attend, so that's where my taste buds go.  But someone close to me always grabs a piece of the Brides' cake and I swipe a bite when they are not looking.

4. Taking off the specified heels and dancing in flip flops.
Heels are not my friend, never have been.  While I would say getting out on the dance floor with my girls is the best part of the night, I would only agree once my feet are completely on the ground.

5.  The Send-Off
Watching one of my close friends embarking on a sunny beach resort honeymoon always leaves me a bit jealous.  However, sending them off with anything from bubbles to strings on a stick makes me smile and almost tear up.  Just knowing that the woman running off in white chose me to stick by her side that day makes it my favorite part. It isn't goodbye, it's I'll see you later.

And maybe even a few texts to you on the trip (just kidding)

I would love for you to link up and show some of your dresses, your favorite parts of the wedding day or something about the friendship you share with the bride! 
It can even be an old post if you don't feel like writing a new one. 
Anything and everything bridesmaid related goes, y'all.

Just click the link below and come back to see other blogger's bridesmaid experiences!


  1. This is a great idea for a link up! I've only been in one wedding, but I have at least 2, maybe 3 that I will be in next year.

  2. Love this idea. I shared one story of the time that I was a flower girl for my Aunt.

  3. You seriously rock every bridesmaids dress you wear. You win the "I look awesome" bridesmaid award.

  4. this is such a cute blog post idea. I actually haven't been a bridesmaid, but my friends and I just are definitely heading into that stage of life and I'm looking forward to it.

    I love your cute, little blog Cassie!


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