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Single's Day 2014

This isn't a post about my relationship status. 
As all of you reading this knows, I am single.
I have been for six years now.
Six long years, y'all. 

Today I am linking up with Kelly because she has a pretty great record of being a matchmaker.  Her blog link-up is designed to get people to meet through the internet and eight couples have gotten married and had babies.  That is 16 individuals who were single and now they aren't. 

Three other couples are seriously dating; I'm not that great at math but these seem like pretty good odds in my favor.  So yeah, I would like to put myself into this link-up, as awkward as that may sound.

The rules for this link-up are pretty simple:  post a lot of pictures of yourself and talk about how awesome you are.  :)  I can do that.

Let's see here, I am 27 year old female who loves Jesus and lives in Mississippi.  I have a bachelor's degree in Psychology from the University of Southern Mississippi and I am still paying back on my student loans (I graduated 4 years ago, blah). 

I want to go ahead and throw this out there: I have not learned how to cook but I can make a wonderful pan of brownies.  I am not against learning, just haven't had to.  I guess this would be a good time to say I still live at home and my mom cooks. 

I spend my weekdays in a cubicle downtown working for the state.  I spend my nights at the gym, at a friend's house, or at home watching The Big Bang Theory.  I spend my weekends at weddings, trips out of town to see college friends, or at a bridal/bachelorette/baby shower.  I am always celebrating others and I don't mind it one bit. 

I spend a lot of time in dresses.

At least once a week I am hanging out with this little diva.  My best friend brought the sassiest girl in the world you will ever meet and we have a lot of fun together (aka she bosses me around and I smile and take it). 

It may seem though like all I do is go, go, go but I can assure you I spend just as much time resting and making sure I get enough sleep (ahem, 9:30 bedtime).  I have a full life and I wouldn't change a thing - well that's a lie: I would change my relationship status if I could, but it isn't up to me. 

God has made his plan for me and I am not sure why the last 6 years have gone the way they have, but I have faith that HE isn't done with me yet. 

My prayer for this link-up isn't just to talk about myself.  I want to meet someone and not on a website where you have to pay money to message someone (I'm looking at you ChristianMingle.com).  I want to share my life with someone and if this is one way to get my heart out there, then so be it.

Thank you Kelly for hosting this link-up.
Let's see what happens....


  1. Seriously singles day is my favorite! Hoping God sends someone your way soon, and WAY TO GO for posting this! Takes vulnerability and guts!

  2. Let's get you a man! God has special one for you. This link up is fun and I never really understood why Christian Mingle and all the other websites charge to talk to people..I mean I get they need to make money, but dang..we're already single, don't make us broke too!

  3. I am not a single guy (sorry) and I don't have one to offered -- but when reading Kelly's blog links, I clicked on yours because you are from MS! I am from MS, married and live in DC -- but small world,Kristen (in your picture) married my husbands childhood BF. We went home for their wedding this past spring. CRAZY.

    Anyways, you are adorable!! Hoping you are one of the matches! Look forward to reading your blog more!



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