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What do YOU see?

Friends, I want you to look in the mirror--really look in the mirror--and see past those traits you hate about yourself. Look hard at that gorgeous woman staring back at you, and see the beauty that is there. She is loved. She is wanted.  Do you see how far you've come? Do you see the hardships you've defeated?

When you really look at yourself, when you let go of the world's idea of "beauty," what do you see? 

The words in italics above is from one of my favorite bloggers, Rachel.  She always knows exactly what my head/heart needs to hear.  I am certainly in the category of 'self criticism' and not fully loving myself.  It comes off of me like a bad odor and follows me around , even when I barely pay it any attention. 

Coveting what other people have is a sin - but also the way other people LOOK as well.  I am so tired of comparing myself to others.  I wanted to answer Rachel's questions today about what I see….

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I see...
...eyes that can tell you exactly how I feel without saying a word.
...a nose/mouth that shows others that I am a without a doubt, a Gregory.
...a sassy attitude/hard headedness that comes with that inherited last name.
...hands that are willing to help others carry heavy loads or hold precious babies.
...shoulders that are there for anyone to cry or lean on when the burden gets too heavy alone.
...a voice that brings out the most southern of accents (but I don't mind, y'all)
...a gentle heart that only wants the best for the people in my life
...strong legs that carry me throughout life and to the fun events, like Alumni Hi-Stepper Practice.
...two feet that want to walk the path God has set out for me, but also monthly pedicures.
...curves that some people get surgery to have and what Victoria Secret can enhance for me when I am feeling low.
...a strong appetite for mostly junk food, but the sensibility to know I need clean, whole foods.
...a work ethic I inherited from my parents that doesn't allow me to be a lazy couch bum.
I am so glad Rachel did this type of post.
It is so easy to get down on myself, especially when my weight is going up these days.
Take a moment to remind yourself how beautiful you are.
You are more than just that unwanted number on the scale.
So now I post this question just as Rachel did for a response...
What do YOU see?
P.S. To read her post in its entirety, click here


  1. I absolutely love this. It is so hard to look past the physical, and most of the time it is so necessary that we do. You are beautiful and inside and out and I'm glad you could see this. P.s. I may be taking this idea as well.

  2. Beautiful post, dear! So many wonderful and gorgeous qualities about you!

  3. What a beautiful post! I needed to read this today, thank you :)


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