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7 Things I Wish I Knew About Blogging

This is one of those posts where I am making a list, checking it twice and hopefully someone in blogland has actual advice for me.  

Below are S E V E N things that I wish I knew more of about blogging...

(Image: Brittany's blog) 

1.  That blog posts are scheduled. 
Anyone live in Mississippi or any time zone that is near MS and schedule your post and it doesn't show up when you check it at 8 in the morning? I have picked 8:00 am, 12:00 am, etc - doesn't matter...it still doesn't show up when you log into it? What time frame do you click on for it to post and be live when folks get to work?

2.  That tweets are scheduled.
How do you schedule tweets?  I had no idea that there was a non-typing way to do that all day and keep up with your social media interaction - especially when it has the blog link directly in the tweet?  How do you do that?!

3.  Your blog name is a BIG deal.
I started my blog off as Always A Blogsmaid, Never A blogger but I am having doubts and now constantly thinking of doing some changes.  I want my re-branding to have all the same names so it will be easy access for everyone.  My twitter name won't allow me to add another 'a' so it doesn't exactly match my Instagram.  Have you re-branded?  How did it go?

4.  Your www.________.com is an even bigger deal.
I am slowly trying to get my website to a more professional look.  I also want to get rid of the blogspot part in the url.  Did you know you have to pay for a domain url (for example through GoDaddy.com) and then I am not sure what you do after that - HELP!

5.  Posts should be consistent if you want to keep readers engaged.
Most nights after working 8 to 5 in a cubicle that doesn't allow me to blog, I have no desire to open up my laptop and get to writing strong content with just enough humor.  I know blogging isn't world changing, but it is a part of my world and I want to make it the best it can be.  I have always loved to write and I hate when I get blogger writing block.  How do you keep up with a full time job and consistent posts? 

6.  Thanks to Pinterest, pictures mean EVERYTHING.
Before Pinterest, you could snap a picture of yourself and/or your kids and not worry about how they looked, if a balloon was faced a certain way, or how food was set up at a birthday party.  Now pictures need to look perfect before you post them to your blog, it seems.  I do not own a fancy camera or actually a camera of any kind besides my cell phone.  I always tend to borrow other people's photos and give the credit back to them.  I would like to have awesome photos come from me....one of these days.

7.  Vlogging.
I have never been a person who loves to be in front of the camera, but I love watching other bloggers' vlogs and how they are just as real and great as I read that they were.  Any tips on vlogging?

I think that is enough things I am wondering about for now.  
I want to learn all there is about blogging.  Any tips/hints/secrets? 
Help a blogger sister out, won't you?


  1. Hootsuite! To schedule tweets. I don't like hootsuites layout so I never keep it open but I love that I can schedule tweets and it's super easy. If you want me to explain exactly how email me I'll walk you through it. Also on the scheduled posts I'm not sure how it works in any other timezone. I'm in EST and it always posts when I say it to post. I hear you on the consistency....work drags me down. I don't even want to glance at a computer after working. I just try to take full advantage of those moments I do get to blog.

  2. All right, back when I first started blogging my posts did not post at the time of day when I scheduled them--I eventually figured out that somewhere, deep in my blogger settings, my account was set on a completely different time zone than the one I currently lived in. And I changed the time zone in my account and it was all better. Maybe this is the same sort of thing. I usually write blogs early in the mornings (because I'm a morning person and usually wake up at 5 and I know that sounds crazy) or during random downtime on the weekends.
    Getting my own domain wasn't expensive (I think mine is about $10 a year) but it was a pain in the butt and I would never want to have to get it set up again. There are tutorials out there of how to do it, though.
    My pictures are still not awesome...but I've found that people read anyway. Of course I'd like to have better pictures, I just don't want the big camera.
    I vlog occasionally, but if I can't do it in one take, I won't vlog, I don't have the patience for it.


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