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(Bachelorette) Party Down South

Over the weekend I was lucky enough to be on the beach with one of my bachelorette's, Kristin.  Her wedding isn't until March of next year but she wanted a beach weekend and we could not have prayed to God for better weather.  

We arrived at the Dolphin Key Condo on Friday around two p.m.  We had lunch at Cici's Pizza since we were starving and ended up having a great little "bachelorette" talk.  Once we got to the condo, we immediately put on our bathing suits and headed down to the beach.  

It was cloudy but we still got some color on our skin.  Cloudy days are my favorite at the beach cause you don't really notice you are getting burnt.


Friday night we ate at Toby Keith's restaurant at The Wharf.  We all ordered delicious drinks, laughed, and ended up with a free brownie dessert that we inhaled.  

We went back to the condo and waited for the other two girls (the hosts of the weekend) and waited for them to decorate the condo.  We got some pretty great bachelorette swag to wear out the next night. 

 The Bride trying on all her stuff

Saturday was a full day at the beach/pool, lunch on the balcony overlooking the ocean, dinner at Louisiana Lagniappe and then a night out dressed up in country girl gear at Florabama.  

There were like 15 bachelorette parties at the bar that night, but we were memorable.  
I met a few people and it was just an overall great time.  

Sunday was spent on the beach and on Facebook.  
I haven't had that many notifications in a long time.  

Four of the girls had to leave on Sunday but the last 3 of us made one more night out of it - with pizza and Long Island Medium.  Total girls night.  Monday was the last morning at the beach so we went down and walked the sand a while and looked for unbroken shells.   I got home around 6 Monday night and I am already missing the girls, the beach, and the memories.
God provided for us the entire time and I am so thankful for the beautiful weather and a 3 day weekend to spend with these girls.  Even though we didn't know everyone at the start of the trip, it felt like we had been friends for years by the time it was over. 

 Inside jokes I want to remember later:

Bye Felicia! 

Just because it's not profile picture worthy, doesn't mean it's not a great photo.

Do I even have 19 teeth?

Uncooked bacon - let them know next time you want it real crispy.


Lil Boosie and Janelle

Our new friend, Lance 



Life should be a beach.  Everyone is happy, nice, and just relaxed. 
Life can sometimes get so stressful, you almost forget how good life really is.


  1. Sounds like such an awesome weekend. I love the western look you guys did for your night out. Such a cute idea!

  2. I think a beach bach party sounds so fun!! I would love to do that one of these days. And cici's sounds pretty delicious right about now!

  3. This looks like SO much fun!

    I know y'all are always living it up!


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