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Introduce us to 5 blogs you read on the regular, and tell us why!

CBL is actually written by someone I know personally, Kathleen.  I met her years ago when she lived here in Jackson, MS and we were best friends with the same person.  Kittycat (what I call her) is the most fabulous, hilarious person you will ever meet.  I miss her now that she is in California working for Urban Decay playing house(wife) with her doctor hubby. 

Janae is one of the blogs I can't get enough of.  She posts twice a day about running & eating and I look forward to each post.  It's ironic because I read her blog on my lunch break while I eat.  She is hilarious and her little girl could not be any cuter.  

Brittany constantly inspires me with her blog posts.  We became blog friends when were each others accountability partners during 40 day online encouragement group.  I look forward to anything Brittany posts.  She is married to her soulmate and is constantly fighting RA with a smile on her face.

I 'met' Karissa through Brittany's blog (#3) and I just think she is the best.  Her personality is even sweeter than the outfits she puts together.  Coming from someone who knows nothing about fashion, she helps mucho.  She also got me hooked on a sunless tanner that will help me prevent skin cancer. No more tanning beds for me.

Y'all, this is Whitney.  She lives in Atlanta and I really would like to meet her in real life.
She is always full of energy and loves finding new spots and adventures in the ATL.  Whitney always writes exactly what my single heart needs to hear.  Even though she has the cutest boyfriend now, she still knows how to relate to me and I love that. 

Please go check out these girls' blogs.
I do, err'day.

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