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Favorite Tradition: Football Edition

My favorite tradition is dancing on a football field.  
Now that football season has started, schools start planning for Homecoming.  I only attended three schools my entire life and those are the ones I will always consider home.  
If you think about it, that's really what it's about.  

Homecoming backwards = Coming Home.

My high school was a small school in a small town, but just big enough that you didn't know everyone.   My senior year I was crowned Homecoming Queen (2004) and it's hard to believe that it's been TEN years since I have worn the crown.  It's also hard to believe I won at all, considering I was not popular by any means.

My senior year of high school I performed at football games, pep rallies, basketball games, exhibitions, traveled to numerous out of town events that included dancing with the top dancers at The University of Southern Mississippi and University of Alabama @ Birmingham.  After all that, I wasn't burnt out; I knew that I wasn't through dancing yet.  

That led me to try out for Hinds Hi-Steppers and I am so glad Mrs. Bee chose me to be a part of her legacy.  It is something I will forever cherish and probably write about every year I have this blog up. 
Since there was no such thing as "sororities" on a community college level, I was a part of what I consider to be my "sorority" life that was full of smart, talented, beautiful girls that I've made lifelong friendships with.  

Being a Hi-Stepper was pretty much one of the highest forms of tradition you could only wish to be a part of.  God knew exactly what he was doing in my life in the 8th grade when I tried out to be a cheerleader and was denied.  I then took all my energy into trying out for the dance team - didn't make it that year but I also knew that's where I needed to be.  
From dance manager to dancer, my existence was changed. 

Even though I don't go to the high school football games anymore on Friday night, I still attend the homecoming festivities that happen at Hinds Community College on the Raymond campus.  Whenever I think of my BEST college years, Hinds is the answer that pops up every time.  I had a great time at the University of Southern Mississippi, but it will never compare to what all I was involved with, learned and loved at Hinds. 

Each year I go back to Hinds and perform with the other Alumni Hi-Steppers when my body allows me to.  I am not as young of a dancer as I used to be and all these years of office work has hindered my flexibility.  However, I love what I do once football season rolls around and I truly feel at home once my dancing feet hit that green, football grass.

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  1. oh that's so cool that you get to go back and dance!

  2. That is so cool that you go back for Homecoming every year!


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