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Honey Do BBQ

If this picture didn't rhyme, you read it wrong.

Yesterday was the last shower of #NikkiandGrant wedding season; aka the one shower I have been the most excited/most prepared for all season.  I couldn't have done it by myself though; I needed sweet ladies from Etsy, my mom, and the Bride and Groom to help me.  

One day while my mom, sister and I were shopping at Hobby Lobby, we found a perfect paint can that could be used at the shower.  I immediately had an idea to have it as the centerpiece on the table and then have a paint theme going on the main table of food.  

I think it turned out great.  I never realize how creative I am until it just happens.  
Martha freakin' Stewart, y'all.

The theme was a Honey Do BBQ.  I found little notepads (one is on the cake below) that said Honey Do List.  That's what this shower was all about:  telling Grant what to do around the house.  JUST KIDDING.  

I wanted this shower to be more about Grant considering my sister has been the main event at the last four showers.  He has been working during all the other showers so I wanted this one to be special.  

The guests started to arrive around 4 and we didn't even have all the food out yet. 
Classy, I know.  Once the hamburgers went down, everything was ready.  

I made everyone wait until it got super boring and awkward before I brought the game out.  

It was called He Said, She Said - A few weeks back, I asked Nikki and Grant specific questions and the guests had to circle a mustache if they thought Grant said it and a pair of lips if they thought Nikki said it.  It was really funny to see how many everyone got right and the ones they got wrong.  

For example: Grant's favorite movie is not Despicable Me, it's Pitch Perfect.

I am so thankful to everyone that came and was genuinely interested in watching Grant and Nikki as they opened their gifts and silently read cards.  Not an easy thing to do, y'all.
I kid, it was a genuine afternoon. 

After the gift opening, people made their way to the impromptu photo booth 
and I remembered to cut the cake.  

I loved finding items to decorate this cake -  I had the idea of making the cake look like a yard: write the date in it with the lawnmower and just have manly things on it.  

I don't like how I did the date, but the cake had whipped icing so you know it was inhaled by the guests.

I heard 5 times yesterday from different folks that I should be a party planner.  
I am not quitting my day job, but if you want to hire me, I'm down. 

Here are some more pictures from the Honey Do BBQ:

Here are the Etsy vendors I used for all the personalized details:

Custom Invitations:  WovenEventCompany

Custom Koozies:  RookDesignCo

Custom hashtag:  TheCrookedTwig

Thank you to everyone who came to the last shower of #nikkiandgrant's season.
Thank you to the Etsy vendors and mi madre for all her help.
Thank you to you readers who keep commenting and making me smile.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.

NOW we are in double digits, y'all.
It's getting real. 

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  1. Great job! That tissue paper garland is BEAUTIFUL!


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