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Hostess with the Most(ess)

Typically lingerie showers are mixed in with the actual bachelorette party, but Gregory girls are known to be stubborn.  At the last minute, it was thrown on me to plan and host the shower.  If there is one thing I love to do is plan a party.  I remember having the best time helping host this shower a couple years ago and I wanted my sister to have the best time celebrating these moments before the big day.

The shower took place at 2 pm on Sunday at my sister's house.  My sister, Taylor and I spent most of Saturday night cleaning, decorating and putting anything that didn't belong in their messy room.  I had so much fun decorating and I loved making everything come together.  My sister even asked me to help her 'style her bookshelves' - easy peasy.  

I mean isn't that an unwritten rule as a blogger: that you must be able to style a bookshelf.  
I'm pretty sure it is.

All you need to throw a perfect lingerie shower is:
  • Victoria Secret bags as decoration
  • Patience making a tissue paper banner 
  • Plenty of cupcakes and a pretty punch recipe 
  • A fun game or two
  • The bride to open up awkward presents 

Enjoy the picture overload while I still enjoy the "Future Mrs. Stevenson" cupcakes.

I will go into DIY details on anything in this post that you want to know about, 
so please comment below or email me!  

P.S. I apologize for having really sucky photos of the food table…
my iPhone was done being hostess with the mostess.


  1. This is fantastic. I have never made a tissue paper banner..I would love to know how to.

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