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I Do (Too)

Today is an important day.  
Probably ONE of the most important days you will ever have.

Today is your wedding day, little sister. 

Twenty three years ago, you graced the Earth with your presence. 
I am so lucky and grateful that God picked me to be your big sister.
God has also sent you a wonderful man and I cannot wait to see you two tie the knot.

As all sisters do we have fought tooth and nail.  
We have also taken up for each other when someone else tried to do the same.  

I am ready to make you laugh when you get nervous or try to start crying.
I am ready to stand beside you and make sure you are the most beautiful bride.  

I know the maid of honor doesn't do 'vows' but these are mine to you:

I vow to stand beside you and hold the two bouquets without dropping them.
I vow to hold your dress while you pee.

I vow to fix your dress when you go to turn towards your groom.
I mostly vow to eat all the candy from the candy table (move over, kiddos).
I vow to tell you how beautiful you are and try not to make it annoying (Linda, listen).

I vow to love you and my new brother in law and always check in to see how y'all are doing.
I vow to be your sister - the crazy, ridiculous one who you can always count on.
I love you. 

Let's go get these two hitched, y'all.

Please leave a comment for the newlyweds.
I promise to make them check out my blog on their honeymoon and read them.


  1. Congrats you two!! Always put each other first and enjoy your newlywed time together! (Ps. It gets better and better each year!)

  2. Awww how sweet! Best Wishes to the newlyweds! I pray that your marriage is more beautiful than your wedding! :)


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