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To Have and To Hold

I am going to try to put into words how wonderful #NikkiandGrant's wedding day really was, 
but if it doesn't come across that way, you have been warned. 

My little sister's wedding day has come and gone.  
It's hard to believe that it has been over two weeks since she said I do, Grant said I do, and I said I do.  

The whole day was just as calm as could be.  We arrived at the Venue around 9 am to begin getting ready for the day.  Courtney and Tracy were the best - anyone that can make me look like this is obviously a miracle worker:

My hair was so teased and hair-sprayed, you could not get a brush in it.  
#NikkiandGrant weren't the only things that had a strong hold that day.
My makeup was airbrushed by a professional.  Winning.

Speaking of winning, Mississippi State was playing a home game that day against Auburn.  I was witness to the entire wedding party being Bulldog fans.  The wedding venue had no television or even a plug in for a tv, so one groomsman hooked up his government wifi onto a tablet and was screaming in between pictures.  I'm sure the photographer loved that.  

One of the bridesmaids hooked up to it as well so we had plenty of football noise going on in the powder room.  If there is one thing I have learned over the past year or two:  Mississippi weddings do not stop because of football.  It was nice to know that as Nikki was walking down the aisle to get her title as WIFE, Mississippi State was walking across the field to the title: #1 in the SEC nation.

But back to the BIG day.  

Once the flowers arrived, it was time for my sister to take her bridals.  I think this is such a good idea to save time and money.  If it is allowed, take your bridals the day of your wedding unless you just have to have a picture of you for everyone to see.  

My sister used blown up pictures of their engagement photos instead and I think it made the wedding reception more about the both of them.  Such a great idea.

I walked out to see her take her bridals for a moment before the sun got me and I could feel myself and big hair sweating.  Had to change that real quick.  So thankful that all of #NikkiandGrant's pictures were taken inside the ceremony room in front of the cross that my Uncle built.  Pictures were literally taken all the way up until 30 minutes and then guess what y'all?   Show time.  

It was a jam packed day and honestly? The reception was also a blur.  I tried to make my way around to everyone and give out hugs.  I know I did not get a chance to speak to everyone, but I am so thankful for everyone that came to celebrate #NikkiandGrant.

Groom's Cake

Bride cake

The Taylor and I 

Sister's. All of us. 

Just taking a little break….

My old roomie, Cupit 

My boo thang/beautician/partner in crime/etc

The food was delicious and was catered by a family friend who cooked, set up and cleaned without asking for any extra funds.  The man just loves to cook.  His grandson was the bartender who I never spoke to and should have #hottiealert.  

Not a lot of people danced, but that didn't stop me or any of the other bridesmaids.  For the leave, we threw bird seed directly into nikki's hair and dress (for the love birds - get it?).  

It was a beautiful wedding and then we had to stay again until midnight and clean up.
 The bride and groom came back to help.  

Not honeymoon material, but we appreciated it.

Nikki and Grant, I hope you two have a marriage much prettier than your wedding day.
I have a strong feeling that your love will hold stronger than my hairspray (and that's a lot). 


  1. We had picked the most beautiful time of the year for our wedding, but the morning of the wedding, it was cloudy and misting. But the reception hall manager handled the event flawlessly.


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