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A Gratitude Attitude

Tomorrow, in my highly anticipated (except not really) weekly vlog I’m going to open up my gratitude journal and talk to you about things I’m thankful for. I’m going to do this every Friday in November. You don’t have to start a gratitude journal with me (but you can if you want!), you don’t have to link-up with me every week (because ain’t nobody got time for that shit) but I do hope you’ll join me and share things you’re thankful for every week.  -Ashten 

Ashten posted this yesterday and I could not wait to join her first session of Gratitude Friday.  Gratitude is basically having an attitude that says: thank you.  I am so glad Ashten posted about this yesterday because I was flooded with anti-gratitude while at my day job.  At night, I like to think of myself as a comedian through text, but that's another story in itself.  Anyways, back to gratitude

Growing up in a small town in Mississippi, I say thank you to everyone.  I also say y'all, yes mam, no sir and please.  It's just the way I'm wired.  I have always said it without even really thinking, if I am being completely honest.  It's embedded in me just as it is to get up and brush my teeth every morning.  As Nike would say, I just do it.  November, the month of Thanksgiving, always brings me back to the reality that it is about GIVING THANKS.  It isn't the happiest people that are thankful, it is the thankful people that are happy.

Wednesday night I was feeling some type of way when I got off work.  Work has been hard the past few weeks; our building is getting a new roof and it isn't easy sitting at my desk smelling tar fumes all day.  I've complained more than I should have and there is nothing I can do about it.  Last night, as I drove past one of the hospitals, I just teared up.  There was a man sitting outside on a corner in a wheelchair and was talking to one other person with him.  I just sat there at the red light and began to tear up thinking about him, whatever health issues he had, and thought how he probably wishes he could sit at a job and do things.  Yet, he can't.

I know the saying "someone always has it worse than you" but the other side of that is "someone also has it better than you." But you can't live with that mindset and also have gratitude.  You must take time to make out a list; whether a journal like Ashten or just make a list for your blog in your tar-fumed infested cubicle like me.

My Gratitude List
Jesus. My mom and dad.  Newly married sister + hubby.  
Friendships, in real life and online.  
Dr. Pepper. Mexican food. 

The truth and the people who say it, no matter what.  
Old photos that stir up memories.  
Channing Tatum.
Pandora radio. Road trips. Chocolate. Perfectly teased hair. 
Manicures and pedicures. Soft t-shirts.

Down comforter blankets.  Hot chocolate with mini marshmallows.  
Reading hilarious blogs.

The Big Bang Theory.  French fries.  My healthy mind and body.  Babies.  
Friends who let me love on those babies.

Chocolate chip cookies.  Job security.  
Texting.  A loving home to come home to.  

Enough money to go on trips.
Free VS panty coupons in the mail.  Box fans.  
Exercise.  Netflix.
The beach.
In case you were wondering, my gratitude list could go on and on for days.
I thank God that he has given me this life and I will pray that I never forget what this life is really about.
It isn't about the tar fumes, the bad days, and the complaining.
It's about being grateful for what you do have and loving others who may have more or less than you do.

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  1. See! There is always, always something to be thankful for! I hope next week is better. Thank you for participating in Gratitude Friday!


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