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Birthday Cake & Christmas Presents

A week ago today, my dad turned 60. 

At Logan's for his birthday dinner he mentioned how he hasn't had a birthday party since he was twelve, so we knew we had to do it up for him this past weekend.   Friday night we set up everything at my aunt's house and waited for the birthday boy man.

The birthday menu consisted of hamburgers, chips & dip, and whipped icing on a birthday cake - my favorite.  We sang happy birthday to him and watched him open his presents.

We laughed, cracked jokes and I lost at a game of pool.
It was a great time and we all made plans to see each other again soon. 
Since we are all family and thanksgiving is just around the corner, that shouldn't be a problem. 

I am holding a bottle that says "Old-2-Day" 

Sister and Joseph at the party 

Sunday it was time to celebrate all over again for Kristin's Christmas Bridal Shower.  
I think it's a perfect theme and you can really go all out with it.

The weather was less than great, no I take that back, it was awfully terrible.   
After the bridal shower, I got another shower (of rain), but it was a great time.  
I got to hug everyone and had a cupcake, win win.

I am so excited for Kristin and David and can't wait for the next shower (after the holidays).

Then I spent the rest of my evening at my sister's house eating soup and breadsticks.
Mixed in a little New Girl on Netflix and that's how my weekend rolled. 

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  1. I watched my girl this weekend too!

    Also - loving the fur vest. ROCK IT.


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