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Bray and Braff.

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This weekend has been full of activity and rest.

Friday night was kicked off by my boo thang's beauty pageant.
After an hour, she went home with a Kindergarten Beauty sash and trophy.
All in a day's work for a six year old, y'all.

Saturday I kicked my own butt in the gym, ate french fries, and took a shower (in that order).  Once Brooke realized our Pinterest craft would be a FAIL, we made some hot cocoa and watched my new favorite movie:

This movie was HIGHLY recommended by Natalie and Terri.
I am so glad I had to buy it on Amazon for six one dollar bills (thanks for nothing, Netflix).

Tears formed in my eyes when Natalie Portman's mama put her daughter's ice skating video on as an alligator.  This movie was quirky, awkward, a little sad and a lot of love.  
I now highly recommend this movie as well.

Besides watching beauty queens and Zach Braff, I finished two workouts on c25k, kicked my own butt with weight bearing exercises, watched two episodes of Revenge, and then had a bubble bath in the middle of the day.

It was a good weekend, y'all. 
Real good.


P.S.  I actually updated my blog below some too: 
A "You might also like…" blog post links AND a Disqus comment thread.

I am still not sure how Disqus works so please leave a comment if you use it.
Please leave a comment about your weekend in general...and your blog url so I can stop by your page and spread the love back to you.

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