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I hope you dance

Dancing has been a passion of mine since high school.  
I cannot really remember my life before I started dancing (as cliché as that sounds).  
Dancing has brought me friendships that I will cherish forever.  

At Hinds, I met one of my best friends Bridget.  She is a constant friend who provides me grace and belly laughs when I need them most.  She has always been my shoulder to cry on.  

(circa 2008)

About a month ago, while I was eating a sandwich at the beach condo, I got a text from her saying:  Cassie, my grandfather was helping someone on the interstate and a car hit him.  It killed him.  I sat there in shock.  I couldn't imagine what she was going through because my grandfather was sick and it wasn't a shock when he finally went to Heaven. 

Bridget's grandfather was one of the sweetest, Godly men I've ever been blessed to meet.  He read from the Bible at Bridget's wedding just a little over a year ago now.  From what I have gathered from family members, there was a wreck in the median of the interstate on Tuesday around lunchtime.  He pulled over on the side of the road across from the median to get out and help the people in the wreck.  Once he got out and crossed the road, a car hit him because they could not stop in time.  He was 89 years old.  

How awesome was his heart to be a servant for God to end up going to Heaven while trying to help someone else? I just don't know how to really put that in words.  As sad as I am for the family, I know he is in the best place.  I screen-shotted the text from Bridget and sent it to our Hi-Stepper coach and Alumni president in a group text.  

The dance we were performing just two nights later would have really been thrown off if Bridget did not dance.  I considered not dancing because of the way we were counted, the two of us dropping out would have saved a lot of headache.  I told my feelings to the coaches and they said "We completely understand, please do what you need to do."   The next night I went to practice like I said I would, Bridget decided she would dance as well.  Her mamaw told her to dance.  She said, "I know your grandfather would want you to dance tomorrow night." 

The night of the performance, while we were receiving our roses from Carol (Alumni President), I noticed two of the sophomore current Hi-Steppers not in their uniforms.  I asked another alum why they weren't dancing and she told me that they were not Hi-Steppers anymore.  They could no longer dance due to some medical issues.  The next thing I did was turn around to face the other dancers and the girl that just walked past me had fell to the ground having a seizure.  Literally a second after I heard about it.  I don't think I've ever been so scared for someone I barely knew.  

The whole point of this post is to say that even if you have two left feet, I hope you dance.  I hope you do the things in this life you want to do before it's too late.  Before you are in Heaven with the One who created you to dance, I hope you dance (or do whatever it is that God gave you the gift to do).  
I hope you know how special you are and how much you are loved.  I hope you help others just as Bridget's grandfather tried to help those people in the middle of the interstate. 

I hope you help others and help yourself in this one life that you get.
The best way I know how to do that is to dance.

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  1. This is so touching!! I'm so sorry for your friend and her grandfather! I love this message. I sometimes get down on myself for my flaws and things I can't do then I tell myself to SHUT UP and be grateful for my health and all the things I can do. It's so important to focus on the good... love you!


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