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November Goals

Well...it's November and I have a few goals for this month (no surprise there).  
But first, let's recap October. 
  1. Stick to a consistent blogging schedule.  (I'm gonna try MWF)
  2. Create an email account specifically for this blog.
  3. Finalize Halloween outfits.
  4. Be the best maid of honor on October 11th.
  5. Enjoy mother-daughter beach trip to the fullest.
  6. Perform with the Hi-Stepper Alumni and take plenty of photos to remember.
  7. Write one letter to a friend each week.  

    Well, I obviously did not stick to a consistent blogging schedule but that is going to change this month.  Also, I did not take enough photos during the Alumni performance - but other people did! Posts will be up next week of all my October shenanigans. 

November goals...
  1. Stick to a consistent blogging schedule.
  2. Buy a couple Christmas presents and get that out of the way.
  3. Get off all medicine at my yearly appointment the safe way.
  4. Make my eye doctor/dentist appointments
  5. Limit my Dr. Pepper cravings to just one a day
  6. Continue doing the c25k app consistently (3 days a week)
  7. Be present with my family at Thanksgiving

What are some of your November goals? 


  1. Ah I love Dr. Pepper! I have gotten to the point where I only drink it if I eat out. I do not buy it at the store.


  2. It's November!!!! Yay for new goals and a new month. Also, yay for Christmas presents. Let the shopping begin!


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