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2014 Mattered

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This post idea is definitely being "borrowed" from a blog friend, Whitney.​

When you think of your 2014 year, how would you characterize it?  
Was it 'everything you hoped it would be and more' or "better luck in 2015'? 

Instead of dwelling on the negatives this year (and trust me, there were quite a few), I want to state that no matter what happened: My 2014 Mattered.

In 2014, I gained.
I gained weight this year and have worked (semi-hard) to get it back off.  I gained friendships that I wouldn't have had if I hadn't left my house and ventured out into the unknown.  I gained an understanding on particular relationships.  I gained the knowledge that no matter how great a guy is to his mom, he may still not be the man for you and pretending to be a ballerina with a 6 year old in a living room may be some of the best spent Saturday nights.  

In 2014, I didn't move.
I lived in my room at my parent's house.  I didn't stay gone for more than a weekend anywhere.  I didn't physically move my address or my heart.  I began to be happy with where I am as a 27 year old single girl who is getting smarter with money and knows I can't afford to live on my own comfortably. I didn't go out to clubs on the weekends or even sports bars looking for a significant other.  I spent my nights & weekends with the people who already love me.  My family and friends are more than enough; they are home to me.

In 2014, I walked down the aisle...a few times.
I was a bridesmaid three times this year.  Three different dresses, three different bouquets, three different groomsmen.  I watched as my college roommate made her way down the pew-filled church aisle to her forever in March.  I witnessed my 'little sis' on the college dance team walk the concrete path outside a castle in April to her person.  I stood next to the preacher as my dad walked my baby sister to the love of her life in October.  I can't imagine not being there for these girls on their biggest day and I am so grateful that they asked me to be.

In 2014, I celebrated.
I celebrated the birthdays; from babies to old folks.  I celebrated the life of a wonderful man and papaw to one of my best friends' when He went to be with Jesus.  I sent cards, both handmade and store bought when I couldn't physically be there. I made even the most mundane days have a little bit of spark to them. 
In 2014, I danced. 
I danced in living rooms, a football field and at Bee Hall.  I danced down Bourbon street to the music of my own heart (when I didn't care for the jazz music).  I danced at wedding receptions and at the gym (when I was alone).  I danced at a honky-tonk bar on the line that meets Alabama and Florida.  I encouraged others to do the same as well.
So I didn't get kissed or married in 2014.  I didn't get asked on dates or a raise after February.  I didn't lose the amount of weight I wanted to.  I didn't travel across the world or move across the country.  I didn't do a lot of things, but what I did do is remember the good times and the bad for what they were.  I want to remember life for what it is, not what it could be. 
2015 can be a great year.  It may also be ridiculously hard to handle at times.  But above all else, its another year.  Another year to be better, to give more of yourself instead of expecting something from someone else, and another year to love.  To loving Jesus, loving others and last but not least: loving yourself.
Now I want to ask you again, how was your 2014?


  1. great points and celebrations of 2014!!!

    i just might swipe this idea,too!

    Merry Christmas!!

  2. Love this! Cheers to a fantastic 2015!

  3. Yay! Can't wait to receive my box! What a great review of 2014 - cheers to an amazing 2015!

  4. This is awesome! I love your positive attitude....your life is full and good and it matters!

  5. Aw thank you for your sweet words, Tiffany! :)

  6. I hope you get it soon! Yes, lets definitely cheer to that!

  7. Thank you - love you! Cheers to both of us!

  8. Please do swipe if you want! :)


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