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Christmas Light Lookin'

Even though Christmas is now over,
I must take the time to reflect on the last December tradition.
I shall be back tomorrow with a month by month breakdown of my 2014 year.
Ya know, just in case you want to know more of why it mattered.
So without further ado....

There is one tradition that has been going strong since my Hinds days:
Christmas Light Lookin'. 
It started with my Hinds roommate Bridget, Bridget's mom and our friend, Paul.

We have added and subtracted people over the years,
but we have always been lucky that our schedules allowed all of us to go.
Unfortunately, Paul was out of town this year but we still went and missed him greatly. 

The schedule always goes the same way:
We start out eating dinner, make our way out to look at different Christmas lights, and then our favorite stop:
Krispy Kreme for donuts and paper hats.

Our last stop is always going to Winner's Circle Park to look at lights.
We always take pictures where Santa sits and walk around with our iPhones in hand.

If there is one thing I love about December…it's traditions.
I can't wait to do it over all over again.

Last Year's Picture: 

I hope this tradition, like our friendship, lasts forever.


  1. how fun! I love traditions too! :)

    Happy Almost New Year!

  2. Happy Almost New Year to you too, Lauren! :)


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