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Christmas Traditions + A GIVEAWAY!

Christmas and Traditions just go together so easily for me.  

I love this time of year: drinking hot chocolate with mini/many marshmallows, driving around looking at Christmas lights, freezing with friends while standing/sitting outside by a fire, watching Elf and seeing each rerun on tv at least ten times,  going to dinner with friends and not swapping presents - just focusing on each other's presence, opening Christmas cards and hanging them on the doorway to the kitchen, etc. 

I look forward to December - it is no longer about candy or turkeys.  It's just about Jesus coming to Earth as a baby in a manger and us celebrating his life and the life that he gave each of us.  I love the month of December - it also has plenty of birthdays in it as well that are celebrated and I pray that this year I make those days feel just as important as Jesus' birthday. 

One of the Christmas traditions I look forward to the most is the Hi-Stepper Dinner at Keifer's.  Keifer's is a Greek restaurant that has a close knit family feel to it and you just sit back and relax.  My best guy friend worked there for years and always took care of our table of alumni dancers but he has moved on to another job this year.  We still had excellent service and I already miss those girls.  

Here are recaps from the last couple years:


What are your favorite Christmas traditions?

Now on to why you are really here: the GIVEAWAY.  Kara emailed me a couple weeks ago and asked if I wanted to participate in a giveaway that reveals her new blog design - of course I accepted!  

I will be giving away a box of nail stickers that you can wear on top of your real nail.  They are gold and sparkly and perfect for this time of holidays when New Years is right around the corner and you have spent all your manicure money.  

But there are other gifts as well:

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