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Cyber Monday, Terrible Tuesday

So after Black Friday, Shop Small Saturday, Cyber Monday comes Terrible Tuesday, right?

I actually began feeling pretty low since my bank account was doing the same thing yesterday.  I know I am ordering items that people will love (and reuse) but why can't it not dwindle down my once a month paycheck? 

Truth be told I did get an okay deal on something I've been wanting for a long time: a Tory Burch Purse.  If you read my twitter yesterday, you would know that the minute I signed in my shopping cart, my beloved purse was OUT OF STOCK.  Shows what happens when you get online last minute to make a decision.  However, I used my Ebates account and got the 25% plus about $15 dollars cash back so I am happy with my purchase. 

The reason I tell you all this is because I am selling some of my purses today. 
If you want a new purse for yourself or a friend/family member, I am selling a few of them since I will now be carrying my new TB to the grave. 

Just a couple rules: 
First come, first serve. 
Comment below or email me at alwaysablogsmaid@gmail.com and I will send you the Paypal email address.

The first one is what I spent half a paycheck on (at the time) and still love but don't love carrying it on my arm.  Real leather, Real Michael Kors.

What I paid: $400.00
Terrible Tuesday Price: $200.00 or best offer

The second one is one I had to have when I walked into the Coach store. 
It is the best purse when you carry a lot of things at once. 

Two compartments with a middle zipper pouch that can hold anything you need.
Please don't judge from my horrible iPhone pic. 

What I paid: $300.00
Terrible Tuesday Price: $150 or best offer

The last purse is the one I am currently carrying until my TB gets here.
It doesn't have the long strap but my pictures looked horrible, so this is brought to you by Google: 

What I paid: $300.00
Terrible Tuesday Price: $150.00 or best offer

If you are in the mood to treat yourself, need a new bag, or just want to carry around something new in 2015 - please email me or comment below.  

I hope each one of you reading this has a Tuesday that's a little less terrible.

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