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Fighting the Holiday and Hormone Rush

I do not want this blog post to come across as me complaining - tis the season to be joyful, right? However, I am writing this post out to make myself more aware of what is happening to me right now in the midst of the Holiday Season and if it helps someone else out there in the blog world, that's even better.

For the last 24 months or so I have been taking medicine that honestly I really don't need. The only reason I was on BC to begin with was to make myself regular every month. Irregular periods drive me crazy - I guess it is that perfectionist side of me that gets annoyed with it. However, this year just kinda solidified a few things for me. I am not sexually active, never have been; heck, I don't even get asked on dates anymore. My last kiss was almost a year ago now and as the yearly lady appointment loomed over my head, I knew I wanted to talk to my doctor about getting off the medicine that was probably doing more harm than good, I thought.

Back in October, I made a bold move to stop taking my prescription lady medicine, BC. A couple years ago when I started taking this particular kind, I became a zombie. I didn't walk around dead but I felt that way. I barely spoke, I just stayed in my own little world - the ultimate, boring introvert that nobody wanted to be around. My mom insisted that I call my doctor and find something that would take me out of this depression I was in. So a couple phone calls later, boom: I'm now on (generic) Celexa. I worried then that I wouldn't be my old self anymore, but then again my new self wasn't great at all so I gave it a try.

I am now in the stage of transitioning off my (generic) Celexa. I quit BC cold turkey once my refills ran out in October. Last month, I went from 20 milligrams of Celexa to 10 milligrams of Celexa and I had a few side effects - nausea, eye twitching for a day, etc. Now those side effects went away but there is one thing that has stayed: ACNE.

I am not someone that ever had bad acne. Maybe a couple zits during that time of the month, but nothing major. Right now I feel like I wake up with a new zit every day. EVERY SINGLE DAY. The ones that are already there have not gone away yet. There is one bump by my left eyebrow that has been there for weeks. WEEKS, y'all.

I am so blessed to have a best friend who works for a dermatologist. She recommended Cetaphil so I bought the middle of last week and I definitely cannot tell a difference yet. I also have a dermatologist appointment next week - at first it was going to be for an overall skin check, but now that appointment is going to be a lot more in depth.

Not only am I fighting acne, but I am also fighting holiday traffic to stores. Parking lots full of cars gives me anxiety attacks. Being anxious to buy gifts while also navigating parking lots and people in stores that run into you, it's really no wonder that my body is reacting in a weird way these days. 

Not only am I fighting holiday traffic, but I'm also fighting the battle of the bulge. That's right, my stomach hangs over my work pants and my diet is having more than one side track to Carbtown.

I know that I can lose weight: I've done it before - last year to be exact. But I have a feeling that with the elimination of the medicine I was taking it is going to be a lot harder to do. My hormones are out of whack and I am trying my best to just be patient with my body, but it's taking a toll on me.

You are probably asking yourself....

Is she drinking water? Yes, I am.
Is she exercising? Yes, I am.
Is she eating healthy? Yes, well sortof. 
Is she getting enough rest? Yes, I am.

I know what I need to do to get back to where I was. A cleaner diet will hopefully result in an acne free face. The struggle is real though, yall. Baked goods handed to me when I get to work during our "12 goodies of Christmas" is not the best way to spread Christmas cheer - it's just spreading the fat in my thighs. 

If you have any recommendations, personal stories that deal with this, or just have some encouragement for me, it would be greatly appreciated. 

If you don't want to write it below, please email me at alwaysablogsmaid@gmail.com.

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  1. You got this girl! Take one thing at a time and don't put so much pressure on yourself right now. Enjoy Christmas and then jump on it! You can do it!


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