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New Year, New Me + A GIVEAWAY

If you have been following me longer than TODAY, you notice one thing: my page looks different.  
I feel like a new woman.  This blog desperately needed an uplift. 

I am so thankful that I found someone who was so sweet to work with and listened to all my questions.  I am obsessed with my header and I think it perfectly tells people who I am: ALWAYS part of a bridal party, not the bride. :)
Thanks to Whitney Blake, I am the new owner of one of her creative design brands.  
I LOVE what she did with my part of the blog world and I can't wait to post again regularly on here.  
And by regularly I mean, whenever I feel like it. 

If you want to get your blog re-done, go to Whitney's blog, see all her goodness and contact her.


The last big giveaway I was a part of brought a lot of you beautiful people my way.  
I now have 350+ GFC followers and I think that needs to be documented and celebrated.  
So I have decided to host a personal giveaway.  
Why?  Because I like you people and I am not above bribing to get some blog comments.

There are only a couple rules for this giveaway: 
You must follow my blog on GFC (left sidebar of my blog) AND leave a comment below telling me something you did this past weekend.  

Here is what I am giving away:

A Marc Jacobs Glitter Clutch 
OPI Suzi Loves Cowboys Nail Polish
A January 2015 Calendar/Note pad 
Three Gertie & Baxter Lace Headbands
Kelly Cutrone's book

All entries will be verified before the winner is contacted.
Do all extra entries for a bigger chance to win! 
This picture will be on Instagram: 

Please enter the rafflecopter below and I will announce the winner Friday Morning.
I will ship it out on Friday afternoon - to make sure delivery for New Year's Eve. 


  1. Finished Christmas shopping, now I just have to wrap!

  2. wrapped all my Christmas presents!



  3. I love the new design! Super super cute! I drank a lot of wine and was a total glutton and loved every minute of it.

  4. We had our first Christmas party of the season!!

  5. Thanks for the personal giveaway! So sweet and great giveaway items :)

  6. I can't tell if I was already following you on GFC or not - but for should be now! This weekend I made hot apple pie spiked cider and wore two glorious ugly sweaters to holiday parties! The new blog design is GORGEOUS!!!!

  7. I did nothing, just watched Netflix almost all day and night trying to finished all of the movies that would be gone next month! Haha no regrets here!

  8. Jessica Elizabeth HamiltonDecember 22, 2014 at 8:31 PM

    I did nothing all weekend. Relaxed in the house with my daughter.

  9. i traveled home for the holidays and relaxed the rest of the weekend! it was great :D

  10. We went and saw the movie Wild (highly recommend) and went and looked at Christmas lights and ate at the Frisky Biscuit Café in Canton (also, highly recommend). Love the new design for the blog. :)

  11. Last weekend I went to THREE Christmas parties, which made for THREE evenings of over-endulging. :D
    Also, love the new look! Excited to see what this new year has in store for you, love.

  12. Catching up and I LOVE the new look!


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